A 5ml blend of Doterra Essential Oils diluted with fractionated coconut oil


Manifestor's Blend

  • Manifestors Blend is for those of you who have many great ideas or glimpses of your highest potential, yet have not manifested them into your life. This blend will help take those ideas and make them real. Many creative people have this dilemma. They can imagine and picture something grand, but struggle to make it happen. Use Manifestor's blend if you are serious about making your dreams into reality. 

    Blend Breakdown

    Cypress - opens up your spirit and creates powerful flow of creative energy. Cypress also reminds you that your past does not equal your future. It will cause you to create a different life from the one you had in the past.

    Douglas Fir and Siberian Fir - both assist in letting go of self-sabotage. Your head will fill with new ideas on how to make your dreams a reality.

    Wild Orange - reminds you of the ample creative energy that is available to flow through you. Everyone has several beautiful projects waiting to be born.

    Myrrh - provides feelings of being nurtured during this journey. Changing direction and encouraging your creative output can sometimes cause violent opposition among those who do not support your journey. Myrrh reminds you that despite naysayers, there are more people who love and support you while you are going for your dreams.

    Geranium - births feelings of trust that you are on the right path.

    Coriander - guides you to always be true to yourself. 

    Clary Sage - keeps the image of your sucess right in front of you. This way, you are continually reminded of who you are to become. 

    Patchouli - brings all these ideas and grounds them into the body. This is the most critical oil in making dreams a reality. Once those ideas are grounded in the body, they are easier to manifest.

    Hawaiian Sandalwood - connects the mind and the heart. It brings those ideas and connects them to how you would feel when reaching your highest self. It is the intense emotion behind the idea that drives a person to act. 

    Ginger - encourages you to create massive action. 

    Cedarwood - harmonizes the blend and circulates it throughout the system.