A 5ml blend of Doterra Essential Oils diluted with fractionated coconut oil



On My Path

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  • On My Path is used when you are on the journey to discover your deepest purpose in life. It's a blend of self-discovery. In our fast-paced, technology-obsessed society, may people rarely take the time to just sit and listen to their own voice. On My Path will provide moments to connect with your higher power and your deepest self. This is an excellent blend to apply before prayer/meditation 

    Blend Breakdown

    Hawaiian Sandalwood - calms and opens your heart to communicate with your higher power. It is in this stillness where truth can be heard.

    Lavender - allows you to verbally express your truth with confidence.

    Frankincense - dispels confusion. Only truth shines in the presence of Frankincense. 

    Juniper Berry - releases any fears that hold you back from being your true self.

    Wild Orange - helps you see the limitless talent you possess.

    Eucalyptus - creates the desire to step into your truth. 

    Geranium - builds trust in your unique and beautiful path.

    Lemon - brings clarity to the headspace so that confusion does not exist in your journey of self-discovery.