A 5ml blend of Doterra Essential Oils diluted with fractionated coconut oil

Bye Bye Baggage

  • Bye Bye, Baggage assists you in releasing any kind of toxic people, places, or circumstances from your life. Generally we know what and who are healthy and nourishing to our lives. However, often we can become addicted to what is unhealthy for us. This blend will help you identify the negative baggage in your world and create a desire to shed all that baggage, for good! This is very tranformative blend that helps you transition into a new way of being.

    Blend Breakdown

    Hawaiian Sandalwood - lifts your vibration and brings heightened spiritual awareness. This is the oild that will clearly identify the baggage in your life.

    Frankincense - is another great oil that brings the baggage to light. Many times awareness alone creates motivation for change. Frankincense raises that awareness. 

    Cedarwood - helps identify the supportive individuals in your circles, who love you unconditionally. 

    Cinnamon - is the epitome of empowerment. This oil helps you find your power, and makes you stand strong in your truth. 

    Eucalyptus - raises your standards. The quality of your life is determined by the standards you live by. 

    Lemongrass - is a cleansing oil that helps rid the spirit of toxic, negative vibrations. This oil works to release all the baggage that needs to be dumped from your life.

    Melaleuca - helps create necessary boundaries that keep parasitic relationships out, and only allows closeness with loving, supportive individuals. Parasitic relationships include those who take advantage, complain, or are emotionally, verbally, and/or physically abusive. 

    Thyme - is the oil that teahces you to forgive others. Even the enemies, it is important to forgive because it opens you to spiritual healing. You can forgive and keep healthy boundaries at the same time. 

    Siberian Fir - is the best oil to break negative patterns, including codependent relationships, enabling, and abusive relationships. Many of these negative emotional and spiritual patterns are taught to us by our parents and grandparents. 

    Douglas Fir - gets you excited to live a life with healthy boundaries and higher standards.

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