Upcoming Ceremonies 
Friday 3/12 Ride the Wave
Saturday 3/13 Oceanside Physical Therapy 

Cacao Ceremonies 

Women's sacred container for heart centered sharing and expansion for our own unique expression. 

Cacao is a powerful yet gentle heart opening medicine that subtly shifts awareness and brings focus to the inner wisdom we carry to unlock inner healing and growth.  Cacao also offers an opportunity to cultivate a greater sense of self love, awareness, and expansion of our consciousness. 

Cacao is native to Central America, and grows from a tree in pods. The pods are cracked opened and the seeds are harvested and processed into cacao paste which is then turned into a delicious beverage. Cacao has been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years and is treated as medicine. It was used at gatherings and on special occasions by the Mayans and Olmecs.


Modern day Cacao Ceremonies embrace ancient cultures' insight that life is more intertwined with nature and spirit. Cacao Ceremonies facilitate the potential for us to regain our spiritual balance by coming back to our hearts. This ceremony is an exercise and embodiment of shifting our thoughts into tangible concepts and to be more connected with our emotions and intuition. To become present with what is and bring focus to the inner wisdom that we carry.  

Cacao assists us in balancing our feminine energy that is receptive in essence. It enhances and deepens meditation, you will find you are able to focus and be in the present with more ease. This will help bring more peace and stillness to your mind and soul. It sparks creativity by helping to remove inner blocks and create a pathway for creation to flow easily. Cacao opens the heart to bring more joy into our being by surrendering to what is and deeply connecting us to our inner self.

Image by Etty Fidele

Upcoming Ceremonies 

5/10 Whole Heart Therapies @6:30pm

5/25 Zen Den Yoga @5:30pm

6/10 Rooted in Flow @6pm

6/11 Ride The Wave @ 6pm

6/22 Down Town Yoga @6pm

6/24 Zen Den Yoga @6pm