Meet the Sisters 

Certified Reiki Master's


Hello Divine one, I am Nohealani or those close to me call me Nohea or Noe. At my core I am a truth seeker, willing to dive to the depths of myself for my truest authenticity. My passion is to help others find their truth and wisdom in life’s circumstances, and to integrate that into a higher level of awareness. This awareness is used to transform your life and assist you to further evolve. During my young adult life I used my ego to separate from love and pushed through life unconsciously. This way of living served for a time, but as I cracked open my ego and took steps towards love I have uncovered my soul at its deepest expression. This led me to reconnect with activities that fed my soul and to follow universal signs to begin my own healing process.  I started with essential oils, crystals, journaling, reiki, meditation and intuitive channeling.  Now as a spiritual architect I use a beautiful blend of many modalities I have learned and my intuition during each session I offer.  Becoming a mother has further expanded my awareness and the impact inner work has on raising children. For me this brings my personal mission full circle.  I am thrilled to be able to serve my community at this level.  I will enjoy connecting with you and meeting you right where you are on your journey to becoming the most authentic version of yourself, speaking your truth and sharing more love with the world. 



Hi Everyone! My name is Hokulani, I mostly go by Hoku. I am so excited to begin this new journey of helping others to guide you through your inner work. I have always known I was going to help people in some way, but only until recently did I realize my calling. Growing up and as a child I always knew I felt things deeper than most and had a different point of view than those around me. I am always on the quest for knowledge and deeper understanding of the world around me. I have a truly adventurous and free spirit, excited to try new things and experiences. As a young adult I found myself asking the same question of “what is my purpose here?”. I knew there was a higher calling for me, and through my past relationship I began listening to my inner knowing. This awakening was a beautiful transformation and little by little I began to uncover my truth. I have greatly expanded my growth as a spiritual being and have stepped into my gifts of intuition, empathy and love of all things mystical and use them as tools to be an energetic healer and teacher. It is my mission to offer divine guidance so that you may also shine brightly as you are meant too.